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Hallsford Beef Shorthorns - Shorthorn Beef

Our animals are reared on an Upland Farm at 400ft in North Cumbria. It is a non intensive system. If they thrive here, they should do well anywhere. We only select the absolute best to take forward as bulls. A limited number of heifers and older cows are occasionally available for sale.

Breeding Stock - We have 30 suckler cows. The foundation cows were largely from Glenisla and Dunsyre/Loch Awe. These were put to Chapelton Norseman and his progeny now make up about two thirds of the herd. Chapelton Warrior (a WHR Sonny embryo transfer) was bought in 2005. His tremendous width and faster growth rates are now being seen in our yearling heifers and young bulls. Earlier this year we acquired Blelack Dustbuster, the product of an impressive Canadian cow and Buffalo Lake Dustbuster, Champion at Edmonton Farmfair. We look forward to his progeny in 2008.

We try to breed animals with a large balanced frame, plenty of milk from a sensible bag and with good growth rates in our environment.

We put significant emphasis on genetics, and our bull purchases are based as much on genetic evidence as visual. We run a closed herd ie. no females are purchased, for disease reasons.

TH Status: All genetic lines have been tested. The herd is TH Free. This can be confirmed on the Shorthorn website.

Health Status: The herd's health status is monitored by BIOBEST.

We are in Year 3. The herd is accredited BVD and Johnes free. IBR and Lepto are* not* regarded as being active, but some antibodies remain in the older cows.

We do not vaccinate for anything at present.

TB Status: Tested in Spring 2008. 48 month (4 year) Status.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hallsford Farm Produce

We supply top quality shorthorn beef, llanwenog lamb and saddleback pork from traditional breeds suited to their environment. Our production is not forced and as a result the product has real flavour. Our beef is hung for a minimum of three weeks and our lamb for 5 days. All our meat is skilfully cut and presented before being vacuum packed and labelled prior to despatch. Our animals are fed largely on grass, with some GM free concentrate when they are young and in the winter, barley to finish. We are always on hand to help, just give us a call 01228 577329

Hallsford Farm Produce

Andrew Tomkins

hallsford Shorthorns
Hallsford Shorthorns
Hallsford Shorthorns
Hallsford Shorthorns